Posted on Jan 20, 2020

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Not all of my events are Weddings and Parties. I have done sound for small bands and I regularly provide sound for events held by the Grafton Legion. Saturday January 18, 2020 I was there at the Robbie Burns Supper with my DJ Booth on the right, the EV 50's are on either end, 42" TV behind the head table, podium & microphone, MC Scott Powell is wired up with a wireless lavalier microphone, DJ Booth has 2 computers, mixer, stand, and wireless transmitter which are then running two monitors, of which one is near the TV and was used so the Piper could hear what he was playing along to on the "Hector the Hero" segment, and the other monitor was at the back of the room so the Highland Dancers could hear their music -- but unfortunately due to the weather they were unable to make it but I played some pictures and videos on the TV screen from their appearance last year. Also had a long cable from the mixer to plug into Piper Bill Walker's practice pipe player, and my usual collection of power cords, speaker wires, hdmi cable, etc.
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